Why List With Us

The Yacht Brokerage business has changed in the past decade. Buyers now shop online. All initial research is conducted via multiple searches on multiple web sites, and now even that is changing.

If you have experience with Yacht Brokers, you’ll know just about everyone will put your boat on a major web site like Yachtworld, and hope that the search engines will find your boat listing and make an appointment to come see your boat. As you most likely know, this economy has slowed down the boat buying business and people coming to see boats is not what it was.

Yacht Brokers today need to be more proactive and innovative than in the past. – here’s why listing with us will give you that edge.

We certainly follow the industry in advertising your boat on not only major sites like Yachtworld, but on over 50 sites here in the US and throughout Europe.

We are also making full use of Social Media. You will find that we place your boat information and promote your boat on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

We were recently notified that our profile is one of the Top 1% on LinkedIn. That means we are highly visible to the high income earners on LinkedIn – one of the top social media sites. That means people with the resources to buy your boat.

Continuing to do business because “it’s Always been done this way” is not the answer to helping our clients sell their boats. Consequently at Rudders & Moorings Yacht Sales we strive to keep learning all the new tools that are available to us in this dynamic market to help our listing clients!